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15 mins
Comparative assessment of grid-spacing-based filter width formulations for Very Large Eddy Simulation
Anastasia Kondratyuk, Michael Schäfer, Suad Jakirlic
Session: Wall-bounded flows 5
Session starts: Thursday 27 August, 15:00
Presentation starts: 15:30
Room: Room B

Anastasia Kondratyuk ()
Michael Schäfer ()
Suad Jakirlic ()

When applying hybrid LES/RANS turbulence models the relevant filter width plays a crucial role concerning switching between different operating modes. Presently, the influence of the filter width and the choice of the corresponding criterion within the so-called VLES (Very Large Eddy Simulation) computational framework is investigated. Results obtained by using three eddy-viscosity-based background RANS models in conjunction with different filter-width formulations and two representative wall-bounded flow configurations are presented.