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15 mins
Quasi-steady quasi-homogeneous (QSQH) description of the relationship between large-scale and small-scale motions in near-wall turbulence
Chi Zhang, Sergei Chernyshenko
Session: Wall-bounded flows 5
Session starts: Thursday 27 August, 15:00
Presentation starts: 16:00
Room: Room B

Chi Zhang ()
Sergei Chernyshenko ()

The validity of the recently proposed hypothesis that the influence of large-scale motions on the near-wall turbulence is quasisteady is investigated by quantitative comparisons with the data obtained by direct numerical simulations of a turbulent channel flow. Large-scale motions are filtered by a Fourier cut-off filter multi-objectively optimised to increase the correlation between large-scale motions near and away from the wall while decreasing the correlation between small-scale motions. The quasi-steady hypothesis is found to be approximate. It is also found that adding non-linear terms into calculations will improve the accuracy of the prediction.