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15 mins
Turbulent structures in unsteady wall-bounded flow subject to temporal acceleration
Zhixin Wang, Tariq Talha, Yongmann Chung
Session: Wall-bounded flows 2
Session starts: Tuesday 25 August, 15:00
Presentation starts: 16:00
Room: Room I

Zhixin Wang ()
Tariq Talha ()
Yongmann Chung ()

Direct numerical simulations (DNS) of a transient turbulent channel flow subject to constant temporal acceleration have been performed with a final Reynolds number of $\Retau=800$. The response of turbulent structures to the temporal acceleration is investigated. A significant delay in the response of turbulent flow is observed in various turbulent properties. It is found that the response of turbulent flow to temporal acceleration consists of two stages: the destruction of the initial \emph{old} turbulence, followed by the generation of \emph{new} turbulence associated with a higher $Re$ number. The \emph{new} turbulence is much stronger than the \emph{old} turbulence.