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15 mins
Truncation of scales by relaxation
Roel Verstappen
Session: Large Eddy Simulation 1
Session starts: Thursday 27 August, 10:30
Presentation starts: 10:45
Room: Room E

Roel Verstappen (University of Groningen)

This paper is about a relaxation model for large-eddy simulation of turbulent flow that truncates the too small scales of motion by making sure that they do not get energy from the larger eddies. To verify that a box filter is introduced and the relaxation parameter is determined in such a way that the production of small, box-fitting scales is counteracted by the modeled dissipation. This dissipation-production balance is worked out with the help of Poincar\'{e}'s inequality, which results in a relaxation model that depends on the invariants of the velocity gradient. This model is discretized and equipped with a Schumann filter. It is successfully tested for isotropic turbulence as well as for turbulent channel flow