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15 mins
Real-space Manifestations of Bottlenecks in Turbulence Spectra,
Uriel Frisch, Samriddhi Sankar Ray, Ganapati Sahoo, Debarghya Banerjee, Rahul Pandit
Session: Intermittency and scaling 3
Session starts: Wednesday 26 August, 10:30
Presentation starts: 11:30
Room: Room H

Uriel Frisch ()
Samriddhi Sankar Ray ()
Ganapati Sahoo ()
Debarghya Banerjee ()
Rahul Pandit ()

An energy-spectrum bottleneck, a bump in the turbulence spectrum between the inertial and dissipation ranges, is shown to occur in the non-turbulent, one-dimensional, hyperviscous Burgers equation and found to be the Fourier-space signature of oscillations in the real-space velocity, which are explained by boundary-layer-expansion techniques. Pseudospectral simulations are used to show that such oscillations occur in velocity correlation functions in one- and three-dimensional hyperviscous hydrodynamical equations that display genuine turbulence.