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15 mins
Large-eddy simulation of a separated flow with a sub-filter scale model based on the integral length-scale
Alexandre Silva Lopes, Ugo Piomelli, José M.L.M. Palma
Session: Atmospheric turbulence 3
Session starts: Wednesday 26 August, 10:30
Presentation starts: 10:30
Room: Room C

Alexandre Silva Lopes (University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering)
Ugo Piomelli (Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
José M.L.M. Palma (University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering)

A new sub-filter scale model for large-eddy simulations, which uses a length-scale proportional to the integral scale of the turbulence instead of the grid resolution to parametrize the modelled stresses, will be assessed in the prediction of the flow of a boundary-layer over a rough surface, which includes separation and reattachment.