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15 mins
Triple decomposition of a fluctuating velocity field in a multiscale flow
Pawel Baj, Paul J.K. Bruce, Oliver R.H. Buxton
Session: Jets and Wakes 1
Session starts: Tuesday 25 August, 10:30
Presentation starts: 11:15
Room: Room E

Pawel Baj (Imperial College)
Paul J.K. Bruce (Imperial College)
Oliver R.H. Buxton (Imperial College)

A method for the triple decomposition of fluctuating velocity in a multiscale flow, suitable for a spatiotemporal data set, is presented. It is applied to experimental data gathered by means of particle image velocimetry (PIV). The basic properties of the decomposed parts are shown. The presented method is then used to perform a conditional study on the residual transverse velocity fluctuations. It was found that phase locking occurs between the stochastic fluctuations embedded in the wakes of different bars, appearing after the wakes have merged.