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15 mins
2d-LCA - an alternative to x-wires
Jaroslaw Puczylowski, Joachim Peinke, Michael Hölling
Session: Jets and Wakes 2
Session starts: Tuesday 25 August, 15:00
Presentation starts: 16:00
Room: Room E

Jaroslaw Puczylowski (University of Oldenburg)
Joachim Peinke (University of Oldenburg)
Michael Hölling (University of Oldenburg)

The 2d-Laser Cantilever Anemometer (2d-LCA) is an novel anemometer for two-dimensional velocity measurements in fluids. It uses a mico-structured cantilever with a specifically designed tip as a sensing element and is capable of performing measure- ments with extremely high temporal (≈ 100kHz) and spatial (≈ 140μm) resolutions. Another big feature is a large angular range of 180◦ in total. The performance of the 2d-LCA has been verified by means of comparative measurements with commercial x-wires in laboratory-generated turbulent flow. We are able to show that both measurement techniques provide comparable statistics.