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15 mins
A new scenario of turbulence theory and an application to pipe turbulence
Tsutomu Kambe
Session: Instability and Transition 1
Session starts: Tuesday 25 August, 10:30
Presentation starts: 10:30
Room: Room B

Tsutomu Kambe (Former Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan)

A new general scenario of turbulence theory is proposed and applied to pipe-flow turbulence. The theory supports tranverse traveling waves which suffer energy loss by internal friction (Joule-like effect). Its predictions are consistent with some characteristic features of pipe turbulence found in recent experiments: (i) existence of traveling waves and their important function and (ii) existence of two large scales (LSM and VLSM), both in turbulent state. In fact, predicted waves are characterized by two scales (wave-length and damping-length). Bulk energy dissipation is expressed unexpectedly in a form analogous to a model of eddy-viscosity.