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15 mins
Dynamics and influence of the buoyancy frequency in unstably stratified homogeneous turbulence
Alan Burlot, Benoit-Joseph Gréa, Fabien Godeferd, Claude Cambon
Session: Instability and Transition 1
Session starts: Tuesday 25 August, 10:30
Presentation starts: 12:15
Room: Room B

Alan Burlot (CEA - Ecole centrale de Lyon)
Benoit-Joseph Gréa (CEA)
Fabien Godeferd (Ecole centrale de Lyon)
Claude Cambon (Ecole centrale de Lyon)

We investigate unstably stratified homogeneous turbulence through direct numerical simulation and a spectral model based on a eddy-damped quasi-normal Markovian closure. In this study, we take into account and evaluate the importance of an unsteady buoyancy frequency expressing the evolution of a mixing zone submitted to Rayleigh-Taylor instability.