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15 mins
Reduced modeling of transitional exact coherent states in shear flow
Cedric Beaume, Greg Chini, Keith Julien, Edgar Knobloch
Session: Instability and Transition 2
Session starts: Tuesday 25 August, 15:00
Presentation starts: 15:15
Room: Room A

Cedric Beaume (Imperial College London)
Greg Chini (University of New Hampshire, Durham)
Keith Julien (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Edgar Knobloch (University of California, Berkeley)

In parallel shear flows, the lower branch solution follows simple streamwise dynamics. A decomposition of this solution into Fourier modes in this direction yields modes whose amplitudes scale with inverse powers of the Reynolds number. We use this scaling to derive a reduced model for exact coherent structures in general parallel shear flows. The reduced model is regularized by retaining higher order viscous terms. Both lower branch and upper branch solutions are captured and studied.