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15 mins
Simultaneous velocity and density measurements in variable density mixing of fully turbulent buoyant gas jets
John Charonko, Kathy Prestridge
Session: Transport and mixing 1
Session starts: Wednesday 26 August, 13:30
Presentation starts: 13:30
Room: Room I

John Charonko (Los Alamos National Lab)
Kathy Prestridge (Los Alamos National Lab)

Fully turbulent buoyant jets with high and low density ratios (Atwood numbers) at an initial jet Reynolds number of ~19,000 are studied at several locations downstream of the orifice. Simultaneous planar PIV and acetone PLIF are used to compute density weighted velocity statistics to determine the evolution of the turbulent behavior in the flow. Buoyancy effects preserve or increase the turbulent behavior with distance in large density ratio flow, but not when the density ratio is small. Also, asymmetries in the PDFs appear for buoyant flows that are absent for non-buoyant conditions.