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15 mins
Turbulent MHD channel flows under streamwise magnetic field
Thomas Boeck, Dmitry Krasnov
Session: Magnetohydrodynamics 3
Session starts: Thursday 27 August, 15:00
Presentation starts: 15:30
Room: Room I

Thomas Boeck ()
Dmitry Krasnov ()

A streamwise magnetic field leads to turbulent drag reduction in channel flow of a conducting liquid due to the selective Joule damping of certain flow structures. Near the walls, the turbulent mean velocity profile retains the logarithmic layer but the von Karman constant decreases with increasing magnetic field strength. In the outer region, the flow is characterized by persistent streaky structures of large streamwise extent, which lead to a rather flat mean velocity profile. In addition, the streamwise velocity fluctuations develop a pronounced second peak upon increasing the magnetic induction as well as a second logarithmic layer that increases in steepness.