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15 mins
Wave excitations in adjacent vortex filaments
Niklas Hietala, Risto Hänninen, Hayder Salman, Carlo F. Barenghi
Session: Superfluids 2
Session starts: Wednesday 26 August, 13:30
Presentation starts: 13:30
Room: Room E

Niklas Hietala (Aalto University)
Risto Hänninen (Aalto University)
Hayder Salman (University of East Anglia)
Carlo F. Barenghi (Newcastle University)

The interactions of the nearest neighbour vortices are argued to play a significant role in the crossover range of scales that lies between the Kolmogorov-Richardson cascade and the Kelvin wave driven cascade in superfluid turbulence. In this work, we study how a wave excitation (a Kelvin wave or a soliton) on a vortex affects a nearby straight vortex. Our numerical simulations reveal that coherent excitations can hop from one vortex filament to another whilst retaining their coherent properties.